Growth and Diversification Plan

Region 9’s Economic Growth and Diversification Plan is now available! 

Growth & Diversification Plan Power Point – September 13, 2017

Region 9 – Growth & Diversification Plan

Appendices – Region 9 Growth & Diversification Plan

This plan assesses the economic development assets and constraints for its respective region, and identifies potential focus areas for projects to establish new job opportunities or boost incumbent industries. For Region 9, this Plan was developed by Camoin Associates in partnership with Thomas P. Miller & Associates (TPMA), Global Location Strategies, and Innovation Policyworks.

To develop the plan, the consultant team analyzed the current economy, workforce, and innovation assets readily available to the region. This data flowed into an identification of targeted industries as well as a set of recommendations on methods to encourage and strengthen them within the region.

Plan Evaluation

This fall, the Commonwealth will review each Economic Growth and Diversification Plan, which will be scored on a scale of 100 points based on a standard rubric: Potential Impact; Economic and Workforce Analysis; Alignment with GO Virginia Goals; Development Process; and Budget and Strategy.  The plan must be approved by the GO Virginia Board in order for Region 9 to be eligible for state project funding.

Project Identification and Selection

The plan will help direct the development of proposed projects to fill our gaps and/or strengthen opportunities identified by the plan.  After the plan is developed, the region will focus on generating project ideas that will help create high-wage jobs and can feasibly foster collaborative economic development efforts within and among the region.

Proposed projects are subject to initial approval by Regional Council 9 and final approval by the GO Virginia Board.  State funding is available in two pots:  monies allocated to each region based on population (estimated to be about $540,000 for Region 9) and about $11 million in competitive funds.  All State funds must be matched by non-state funds.

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