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Central Virginia offers a variety of resources to job seekers looking to further their career, enter the workforce for the first time, or reenter the workforce after being laid off. Within this area, also known as Local Workforce Development Area 6 (LWDA 6), job seekers can find a multitude of job search resources at our local Virginia Workforce Centers in Charlottesville and Culpeper. At these centers, trained staff members assist job seekers with their job search, questions about unemployment, career counseling, resume writing, interview training, and much more. The Counties of Albemarle, Fauquier, Greene, Louisa, Madison, Orange, and Rappahannock also have satellite centers that can provide some job search assistance.  Our staff is committed to assisting job seekers get back to work as soon as possible!

Job Seeker Services

In the Virginia Workforce Centers in the area, there is a tier of services for job seekers that choose to use our resources. The first tier of services is known as core services. These services are self-directed in nature and there are no eligibility requirements for individuals to receive these services. The second and third tier of services are known as intensive services and training services. These services do have eligibility requirements and involve staff assistance.  If you are interested in intensive or training services, please see a staff member at the Workforce Center in Culpeper or Charlottesville to learn about eligibility requirements.

Some examples of services can be found in the chart below:

 Core Services Intensive Services  Training Services
Orientation to Center Activities Comprehensive assessments of skills and services needs Occupational skills training
Access to job boards and job postings Development of an individual employment plan On-the-job and customized training for new hires
 Resource Room access (computers, telephone, fax, and copier machine for job searching) Customized screening and assessment Up-to-date work skills training
Job and training search Reference/background checks
Work skills explorations Intensive career counseling
Determination of eligibility for additional services In-depth interviewing skills development
Job search skills training Computer workshops
Referral to employers with current openings  One-to-one assistance with updating resumes and cover letters
Resume development  Case management
Customer satisfaction follow-up Enhancement skills for job searching
Networking skills workshops Adult education/literacy
Job readiness training

One-Stop and Satellite Center Locations

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