Hiring Incentives

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The Piedmont Workforce Network can offer a variety of incentives to employers hiring eligible individuals.  Please see the hiring incentives listed below:

Internship Opportunities: hire an intern at no cost to teach the intern about work readiness skills

  • Employers can host an intern to help them develop job readiness skills and the possibility of full time employment
  • The Workforce Investment Act program funds the internship, providing the employer with up to 300 hours of labor
  • Employers have the opportunity to interview prospective interns (or utilize the Workforce Centers to screen applicants) and choose the candidate that best fits their needs

On-the-Job Training Subsidies:  pays up to 50% of a new worker’s wages for 3 to 5 months to mitigate the costs of training

  • This subsidy lowers the cost of training new employees and allows new employees earn wages while learning new skills

Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) Program 

  • This credit is targeted at employers who hire individuals with significant barriers to employment
  • Hiring incentives can range up to $9,000 per employee hired over a 2 year period, depending on the barrier to employment of the person hired
  • Examples of eligible individuals include:
    • Qualified Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) recipients
    • Qualified Veterans
    • Food stamps (SNAP) recipients
    • Summer Youth Employees
    • Vocational rehabilitation referrals
    • Ex-felons
    • Supplemental Social Income (SSI) recipients
    • Disconnected youth

Federal Bonding Program: offers individual fidelity bonds to employers for job applicants who may be denied coverage by commercial carriers because of arrest, conviction, or imprisonment

  • $5,000 of bond coverage for 6 month period provided at no cost to employer or job applicant
  • Employers may request extension for additional 6 months
  • Bond coverage begins on the first day of employment

Please contact us for more information about these hiring incentives and other ways in which the Piedmont Workforce Network can help businesses with their workforce needs:

Monica Long, Workforce Director
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