Advanced Manufacturing

Central Virginia Advanced Manufacturing Fact Sheet

Central Virginia has a strong history of advanced manufacturing success, due in large part to the robust transportation infrastructure, skilled workforce, and pro-business environment.  As a right to work state, Virginia has very low unionization rates.

Central Virginia is at the heart of an extensive highway network, including interstates 64, 81, and 95 as well as US Routes 29 and 15.  This highway infrastructure is supplemented by extensive rail tracks in the region, commercial airports, and several municipal airports, enabling Central Virginia manufacturers to deliver goods across the US and abroad.  Central Virginia manufacturers also benefit from Foreign Trade Zone #185 and nearby Port of Virginia.

Central Virginia is ideal for manufacturers seeking a strategic mid-Atlantic location with access to robust transportation infrastructure, a talented labor pool, and a pro-business climate with access to major markets in every direction.


Central Virginia Advanced Manufacturing Quick Facts
Number of Firms 298
Number of Workers 7,276


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