Agribusiness, Food Processing & Technology

Central Virginia Agribusiness, Food Processing & Technology Fact Sheet

As a largely rural region with the benefits of urban transportation and technology infrastructure, Central Virginia is a natural choice for agribusiness, agritourism, and food processing ventures.  Central Virginia is located in proximity to many major and medium-sized markets, including Washington, DC, Richmond, Lynchburg, Fredericksburg, and the region’s own City of Charlottesville.  Central Virginia’s exceptional transportation infrastructure enhances this strategic location, offering agribusinesses access to major markets along the east coast, across the country, and abroad.  Furthermore, Central Virginia’s own dynamic locavore culture offers a robust regional market for agricultural products produced in the region.

Central Virginia has the transportation infrastructure, strategic location, and established locavore culture to support agribusinesses seeking anything from local to international markets.  With plenty of room for growth and expansion, the opportunities for innovative agribusinesses are limitless.

Central Virginia Agribusiness Quick Facts
Number of Firms 89
Number of Workers 1,955
Average Earnings $32,274


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