Skilled and Efficient Workforce

Central Virginia is located in the heart of the east coast’s northernmost right to work and is home to a labor force of over 175,000 workers, with an even larger labor pool willing to commute from outside of the region.  The labor pool is projected to grow 5% by 2027, ensuring a growing workforce to support Central Virginia’s growing businesses.

Despite Central Virginia’s low unemployment rate, businesses have no trouble finding the workers they need.  Central Virginia is home to a large hidden labor supply.  This includes a substantial ‘underemployed’ population – talented individuals engaged in work that is below their skill level.  These workers have demonstrated a willingness to work and are seeking opportunities for professional advancement.  The ‘hidden labor supply’ is also comprised of out-commuting workers who would prefer a job within the region and part-time workers seeking full-time employment.  This ‘hidden labor supply’ is a major asset to new and existing businesses seeking a talented labor pool.

Highly Efficient Workforce 

Central Virginia businesses benefit from an efficient, skilled, and low-cost workforce.  The average Central Virginia wage is 20% lower than Virginia’s average wage and 14% lower than the national average.  For this low cost, employers can hire exceptionally skilled and hard working employees.

Well-Educated and Skilled Workforce

Central Virginia is home to an exceptionally skilled and educated workforce, due to the presence of two community colleges and the University of Virginia.  Over 32% of the region has at least a Bachelor’s degree, with an even higher concentration within the Charlottesville MSA. These workers add depth of knowledge and expertise to a business’ workforce, an essential asset in today’s modern economy.

Please follow these links for more information about the University of VirginiaPiedmont Virginia Community College, and Germanna Community College.

Educational Institution Number of Students
University of Virginia – Undergraduate 18,066
University of Virginia – Graduate 9,049
Germanna Community College 7,225
Piedmont Virginia Community College 5,312
Regional Total 39,652


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